Alternatives to ADHD Drugs that Could Help Parents Control their Children’s Behavior

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is one of the most common diagnoses children receive today. Some school systems encourage parents to have their children tested and put on medication to help them sit calmly and focus on their classwork. However, ADHD drugs have side effects. Some of these side effects include headaches, insomnia, depression, and aggressive behavior. Children may be provided additional medication to combat the side effects. For many parents, this is simply unacceptable and so they look for alternative ways to treat their children that allow them to express their individuality while helping them control their actions and maintain focus when it’s important to do so.

One option that may be better than relying on drugs, is to try natural remedies. By adding or removing certain things from a child’s diet, a parent may be able to help relieve the hyperactivity symptoms of this condition. Food dyes, preservatives, and excessive sugar should be avoided by any child with an ADHD diagnosis. Instead, parents should serve their children unprocessed foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Supplements may also help improve the symptoms.

Yoga and Tai Chi are also helpful ways for children to gain control over their actions so they can maintain focus when they need it. Despite the fact that many children with ADHD are quite intelligent, they tend to get bad grades in school when they don’t have their condition under control. Because medication could make things worse, parents who want to teach their children to rely on themselves rather than prescription drugs may enroll them in yoga or Tai Chi classes a couple of days per week.

Parents should ensure their children with ADHD have a consistent routine. Although routines are beneficial for all children, they are especially important for kids that have difficulty focusing on one task at a time. When they know what to expect, it’s easier for them to control themselves. To balance out the child’s natural tendency to explore and try new things, parents should provide young children with supervised play time and pay attention to where their older children are and who they are with when they are away from home.